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Your Secret weapon in your success…

“There are a lot of different ways that you can become successful.   It really all depends on what you want out of life.  You can work hard all of your life and not be any further ahead then you were when you started out….  but if you really want to be successful.  You have to give of yourself.”

Had this conversation with a friend a couple of days ago and while I heard what he was saying I didn’t really hear what he was saying.  I say that it was a couple of days ago when in actuality it was more like a few years ago.   It is now that I am starting to realize that what he said to me several years ago was and is very true.  I spent the last several years trying to find a way to apply it.   But in reality I never even started.   Because in order to apply this I have to do something that not to many people are willing to do.  Die to self.  Put other people’s interest ahead of my own.  See them get ahead first and you will have your interest taken care of.

I guess that after several years and I finally understand that the best way to get ahead in life…  Is just to do the things that come naturally to us.   Be a friend, husband, father, wife, mother, daughter, brother, son…

Opening up my ears is not just listening.  It is opening up my heart to really take into account what another person is not just feeling but what makes them tick.  The moral of the story is this… you want to be successful.   Go help someone become successful in the thing that they want to be successful in first.   When that happens you begin to add a value that no amount of money can ever begin to compare to…

I do not know who was in need of this today… but I know that someone out there will read this and they will know.  That there search for success has always been there.   Look at all the friends that consider you a friend because you have always been there for them.   They will always have your back…. You have always had theirs and you have always done things for them without question.   You already have your secret weapon for success.   Go out and do more of it with more people…


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