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Competitive Edge – How to get ahead

Competitive Edge – How to get ahead!

I see this on the field, floor, mat, at work….  Everyone looks to be able to win and to get a head of the other guy. made me stop and think for a little so I could have a better understanding of what it took to really win and to have the upper-hand and to get in front of my peers.

Things observed – People going from website to website so they could advance their careers.  Meeting with top coaches so their child could have the best training from the best coach so they could win in life.  Peers telling each other if you pat my back I will pat yours.   This defies everything that means to be a great leader and to be the absolute best.   Yeah there are plenty of people that have been successful being this way.  However, the truly great ones have not been this way.   It was what was in them that made them great. What they did with what they had inside that made them amazing.

What are the impacts to the behavior that was observed – A great deal of people not knowing how to replicate their success.  Thus, creating a rollercoaster effect of emotions.   When they were at the top of their game they were on top of the world.  When they weren’t they felt like crap about themselves and made life around those around them pretty dag-gum miserable… And they always had someone that they felt owed them something.

So, I asked – how do I get that “competitive edge”?

When you ask – you receive.  Like a bolt of lightning I came across a passage in a book that a good friend said that I should read.   When you keep score you place yourself in a position where you feel that you are better than the next person.  You expect to win.  So when you don’t you are devastated.   Look at all the winners out there… the athletes that give it their all.  They Train like mad dogs! The game is a measuring stick of the work that they put in prior to the game.   Game time is not game time it is a let’s see how you measure.  But how are they looking at it… they are looking at it with someone else’s eyes.   They are missing the secret ingredient and as such they will continue to move this way because they are not looking at within.

So how do you get that competitive edge…  You stop looking at the score board and seeing if you are better than the other person and you start looking at the score board as a means of what do you have to work on to improve you!  Thank the other person for showing something about yourself so you can improve.  Thank them for challenging you and letting you have the opportunity to improve.

When you are winning the game you are the student that is a little more ahead than the other student.  Take note of what you did well so you can teach others on what you did to improve so you all can get to the next level.  This pushes real competition and sportsmanship.

So how do you get that competitive edge –  You start within and focus on what’s inside.  You practice like a mad man.  When you are competing you are looking back at the work you did to get there and that will be a gauge that allows you to know if what you did needs more or less…   You thank those that challenged you to be better than what you are and you teach those that need to know what they can do to improve their game.

It’s not a matter of if you are better than the next guy.  It’s a matter of if you are the best person that you can be.  It’s what’s inside you! It’s your drive, it’s your passion, it’s your desire to go to game time and be the best that you can be.

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