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5 things to do to start your day!

February 22, 2012 2 comments

5 things to do to start your day!

Here are 5 things that you can do to get your day super-charged. Whether we are in business for ourselves through a “Home Based Business” or working the corporate grind.  This is an effective and proven way to supercharge your activity and have that balance that we are all seeking.

1. Feed your mind and Focus – For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. “Eat and drink!” he says to you, But his heart is not with you

–   The mind is a powerful tool.  When we are constantly surrounded by negative material we have a strong tendency to not just tune in, but act with negative impacts.  Know that misery loves company.  So guard your mind from negative influences from others.  Every day, all day long make sure that you are guarding what is going into the brain and what you focus on.

2. Feed Your body – Physiology of our bodies is a channel that helps tune into the positive or negative station. Train to push yourself past what you can endure.  Every day go a little further than what you are comfortable with.

–   Knowledge is a notch on the key that unlocks what we seek.  Action is what turns the key that unlocks it.  When we train ourselves to go further than what we are comfortable with, it becomes easier to unlock that dead bolt of a lock.  Because it becomes easier, we are able to unlock more with less effort because we are physically taking action to change our lives.

3.  Have a coach / role model – Surround yourself with someone that has the items that you want in your life and utilize them as a point of reference.  We can accomplish a great deal on our own.  The time frame of getting to our goals is greatly shortened when we utilize someone else as point of reference because they have traveled the road that we are now on.

–   The largest amount of growth occurs in our darkest hour.  A coach keeps us on track and keeps us pushing past what we are comfortable to bear.

–   We all need perspective in our life – We only have one way to view it.  A coach helps us gain a different perspective

4.  Get a plan – Why this is 4th (There is no such thing as perfect) Plans change.  Plan for those plans to change.  However, if you are consistently doing the first 3 things, this is an added benefit.  It is your measuring stick.    If you are off your targets then you know that there is something that needs to change.  It will also allow you to accept mistakes.  Mistakes are going to happen. the difference between succeeding and failing is that those that concentrate on the mistakes and do nothing get nowhere.  Those that focus on their overall mind and action and utilize a coach for contrast and motivation will be 1,000 times further ahead than those that focus on the mistake.

–   Remember 3 feet from gold.  You have a man that invested in everything in the mind, did not get what he expected to get, and he quit.  He lost sight of his goals (Gave into his internal thoughts), changed his actions (gave up), and went somewhere else (He relied on his own strengths.  He had a plan.  His actions were not in place because he had no contrast, he did not stay the task.  He quit!

5. Feed your Spirit – GIVE BACK! Motives do matter.  When others know that you are there to give, they know that you are genuine and they get a glimpse at your heart.  Giving connects you to a greater cause.  You start by giving to yourself by asking to change your mind.  Then you give to your body. Then you give to others by example, partnering with those that have taken the path before you, to help stay the course. Then you have the ability to give to a multitude.  Lastly you give to others in multiple channels that feed back to you.


All About the Jeans

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

I was in conversation with a friend that shared a really interesting story with me.  I thought that I would share with you as well.

Sometimes we stop well before we should.  My friend was working as a Manager at McDonald’s.  He had hired this young guy that he thought was just really sharp.  He stated that after a week the guy had quit, which came to surprise because he gave 120% every day that he was there.  A few weeks down the road he had ran into the kid while out on the town.  They said their hello’s and chat for a little while.  Towards the end of the conversation he had asked the kid.  “I’m sorry.  I have to ask.  This is just killing me.  I have not seen too many people work as hard as you at the store.  I was really impressed.  Why did you only work there for a week and then quit?”  The young kid replied.  “Well the truth is that I had earned the money that I needed for the pair of Jeans that I have been wanting”.  My Friend was a little surprised but decided to not speak on the topic anymore.

It was at that time that my friend asked me the following question.  “How often do we find ourselves doing this on our lives?” We work for what we want.  The moment that we achieve it we are no longer pushing ourselves to go a little further.

So my question to you is simply this…  How often do we find ourselves getting that pair of jeans that we have always wanted and do not push any further?  Have you seen this in others?

Keep pushing for the stars.  Once you achieve the “jeans” that you always wanted go and teach someone else to do the same.  Your rewards will be absolutely AMAZING!

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What Kind of Company Do You Work For?

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