Money Things they do not want you to know…

Put HOTNESS into Financial Fitness –

The key to success as with any other item starts with defining what it is that you want for yourself and your family.  So what is financial success…  everyone defines it a little different.  So when you start off the year start with this – Define what you want to see for yourself and your family through reverse engineering.

1. Define what your destination should look like.  Be specific.  We are programmers of our own minds.   It not  just a matter of saying I want to be debt free.  What debts are you going to pay off.

2. Define what you are willing to give to achieve that goal.  There is a price that is paid regardless of what the item is.  Every Olympic champion pays a price to have the opportunity to compete in the Olympics.  They commit more than anyone else.  No it does not have to be to that extreme.  However, I will ask you what I ask my son when he is training.  How bad do you really want it.  (Helpful Hint: Cable… with the price of online access to movies and shows, does it make sense to pay cable? and with the way of technology its just a matter of time before the big companies make that switch.

3. Break it up  and reset – don’t have large goals that you will eventually become deflated and not continue.  We live in a society of instant gratification. know what you can do in 30 days and push just a little more. For instance… know that you can do this week – say 10 pushups.  Do 11…  When you can sit there and say – Oh yeah – I can do 11 easy (3 days later), do 12.  Each time you reset your goal with just a little more. Every week you reassess the situation and you move it up just a notch.

So when you look at something such as paying off debt – Look at the whole picture.  Take into account everything that you have and everything that you owe.  Break it up into segments. and focus on what you know that you can achieve the easiest first.  Break it up and reset when you know that you have a bill beat (e.g. paid off – move all your efforts to the next bill) before you know it… you have several bills paid of in a short amount of time with hardly no work at all or at least it seems that way.

If you are interested in having a coach walk you through the process and put a plan together that would place you where you want to be…. let me know.

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